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GR Marmi

Stock Yard

During the years architects and interior designer managed to play a prominent role in the selection of the materials and succeeded in the creation of new trends and tastes especially concerning the internal spaces. For this reason GR Marmi is directing its marketing toward these professionals too, proposing itself not only as a producer and retailer but also as an expert of the stone and of its characteristics, able to suggest the best uses of each product. To reach this goal GR Marmi is constantly looking for new marbles and stones that, together with the traditional ones we have in stock since years, can satisfy the aesthetical trend of the moment. In our deposit besides the “traditional” Palissandro (Classico, Bronzo, Nuvolato and Bluette), Giallo Siena, Serpeggiante, Travertino, White Marbles from Carrara, you will find Onyxes, Fossile Stones, Tobacco Brown, Noisette Fleury, marbles very esteemed and demanded. This is one of GR Marmi’s skill: to mix tradition, originality and sophistication not forgetting the quality.

From the year of its foundation to date GR Marmi managed to widen its horizons continually with the conquest of new markets and new materials being always on the cutting edge. After twenty years spent in the constant research of innovations, GR Marmi is taking one more step forward looking at the world of the cut to size. The new markets and the increasing competition made the research for a new business field necessary. Thanks also to the many contacts established during the Verona show, in the last years GR Marmi has been able to develop projects for hotels and private houses both in Europe and in the rest of the World. Here we focus on the presentation of our materials (either slabs, tiles and cut to size) as the straightest way to reach the customers. The book matching patterns of Palissandro, Grigio Bosco, Noisette Fleury and Onyxes exposed in Verona received much attention and just after seeing the “finished job” at the booth, the requests for cut to size works has increased. This is why the Fairs are important opportunities to appear on an increasingly wider international scene where GR Marmi present itself as a partner, both for private customers and for companies, for the trade linked to the complicated world of marble.